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Why Choose Paul Robinson

Why have some of the top Fortune 500 companies in the world and hundreds of others come to Paul Robinson to create and deliver custom training workshops and keynote speeches for their employees and executives? Because he has the unique ability to deliver critical business ideas in an engaging, straightforward and easy-to-apply manner and always drives hard to ensure that he does not waste his client’s time or money.


Paul reads more than 50 plus business books a year and also does a massive amount of research on the topics he covers. There are few instructors in the world who studies as hard as he does. He also takes up each assignment to completely customize his programs to exactly what his clients ask him to address and he always nails it.


Paul has owned and run several companies in sales, marketing, retail, media, consulting and IT. In other words, he is not talking about theory, but from a deep level of personal business experience of working with diverse teams, which gives him an extra level of credibility with your folks.


It is plain to see that Paul is truly passionate about helping people and their companies be more successful. When he works with people you can feel the enthusiasm he has for sharing his very best ideas and working super hard to make sure everybody gets value from his programs.

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During Paul's time with you and your group, you will discover how to determine what really matters in your life, giving you a clearer personal definition of success that aligns with your inner truth. In other words, you will define the purpose and meaning of your work and life. 

Through this process, you will discover and heal the pieces of your history that are holding you back and gather the inspiration to accelerate you towards your imagined life and aspirations. You will learn how to raise your consciousness to a level that gives you the freedom to accept more of what you want. 

You will recognize and stop your internal saboteurs and release wrong the wrong beliefs that are holding you back. 

Paul will teach you what to do with your newly-acquired information in a practical way that will keep you encouraged and motivated to stay on track. You will come away with a new courage, a new perspective and a new plan, and most importantly.. 


You WILL be changed.


·      Get rid of excuses that is holding you back from leading a life in your terms

·      Cross the boundaries of your comfort zone and stay restless and hungry for more

·      Learn the lesson that 'you have to work hard to get in, but you have work double hard to stay in the game'.

·      Happiness is the goal of all goals and we can create the state of happiness in everything we do

·      To stay relevant in this ever changing world, we need to constantly reinvent ourselves. 

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